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Trauma and Limbic System Healing with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD For Pain and
Trauma Relielf

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be an outstanding addition to complimentary therapies for pain control and limbic system retraining programs.  MLD strokes stimulate parasympathetic nervous system response and can decrease pain response.  Provencher, et. al. (2021) noted that, "In addition to reducing edema, MLD is suggested to decrease pain via several mechanisms. First, it stimulates a general parasympathetic response, which results in relaxation. Second, rhythmic, intermittent and gentle pressures stimulate large diameter proprioceptive and cutaneous receptors, which may block messages transmitted to the central nervous system, through the gate control theory. Finally, MLD increases the absorption of nociceptive chemical stimulants such as lactic acid, cytokines and inflammatory mediators from the interstitial environment."

MLD can be utilized as part of a Limbic System Retraining Program such as DNRS, or The Gupta Program by specifically stimulating a parasympathetic response. Helping your brain and body remember what it can be like to be in a truly relaxed and safe place can be an excellent first step in your healing journey from trauma and limbic system injury. 


Counseling Professionals


Sacramento CA

Megan Paterson, LMFT

Rocklin CA

LifeSTAR Sacramento

Sacramento CA

Joel Walton, LMFT


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 
Mathew 11:28

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